[LINK] Microsoft, DOD to build medical data warehouse

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sun Mar 11 00:17:07 AEDT 2007

Oh wow!  GATTACA in the making!  Wooohooo!

DOD and Microsoft must have watched the movie a few times :)

And to the comment "can not be personally identified" does the data contain 
DNA records?  Yes?  Gee, I'm pretty thick too!

At 09:58 PM 10/03/2007, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>Given that M$ don't do anything without motive, you have to ask what they 
>will be doing with this data that will recover (and more) their investment
>Here's another piece of the "Why is Microsoft so interested in 
>healthcare?" puzzle:
>Microsoft isn't doing this for the money. According to the article, no 
>funds are changing hands. But the company will get to work with data — a 
>lot of it.
>AHLTA stores more than 9.1 million health records, making it "the largest 
>patient health care inforamtion system of its kind in the world," 
>according to the article. The population health data in the system "will 
>help spot trends not readily apparent and identify at-risk groups."
>According to the article, the data with which Microsoft will be working 
>"cannot be personally identified."

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