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Jan Whitaker wrote:
> http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/security-advice-missing-over-data-card/2007/03/12/1173548109848.html# 
> Security advice missing over data card
> Mark Metherell
> March 13, 2007
> THE Federal Government has proposed to push ahead with initial 
> legislation for the proposed national data card even before the system's 
> security has been vetted by electronic spy experts.
> The Defence Signals Directorate, which is advising the Government on 
> card security, says it is too early to give advice on the issue.
> The first tranche of the legislation, said to establish a framework for 
> the card, has already passed the House of Representatives. But it is 
> expected to encounter a tougher time in the Senate this month because of 
> concerns about privacy and law agencies' access to photographs held at 
> the card's central databank.
> The directorate, which the Government has commissioned "to maximise the 
> security" of the card system, has told the Senate committee that it 
> "cannot provide detailed information on the security of the system as it 
> is still in the early stages of design".
> The directorate, which describes itself as the "national authority on 
> information security", is expected to advise the Government on the 
> evaluation of tenders for the project, card system security and 
> "vulnerability assessments" before and after the system has been 
> introduced.

 > A new tool to fight welfare fraud in Australia....
> Also included in the tender is design and distribution of the card.
> The key management system (KMS) includes the complete management of encryption keys, upgrading and deleting old keys and ensuring interoperability with the card management systems (CMS).
> "The Australian government has publicly stated its commitment to ensuring the personal information of Australians will be subject to the highest level of security," Campbell said.
> "To that end tenderers for the second RFT will be required to demonstrate how they will meet security and privacy requirements for the access card.

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