[LINK] IPv4 host density measured by ping

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Stilgherrian wrote on 1/3/07 1:06 PM:

[Apologies for ancient thread - haven't been trawling LINK for a time]


When Ches was at Bells Labs/Lumeta he created a daily map of the (whole)
Using a BSD machine sans firewall. Presented a paper at SAGE-AU 2000
[Gold Coast].
APH here in Canberra was the first (and almost only) site that asked not
to be mapped ;-)

Ches is the Cheswick  of Cheswick and Bellovin: "Firewalls and Internet

He used to give 'research' copies of his database away... Webpage says
he doesn't run the mapping any more.
[he might give you his code or some hints if you were to ask]

The smart part of what they did was the actual mapping - seems nobody
else can map millions of nodes :-)


> I'm sure someone already does this IP mapping globally, regularly (monthly?)
> and with a lot of thought about how to work around the various issues being
> discussed. Netcraft? Or is that just web servers?
> Stil

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