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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Mar 15 13:58:58 AEDT 2007

At 12:57 PM 15/03/2007, Martin writes:

>>> a) work with component suppliers on Linux driver availability
>>> b) build systems with only components with Linux drivers available
>>> c) let the customer add the OS
>> sure, but which Linux?
> if they pay attention to a) & b) then it doesn't matter which
> distribution.
> they can ship it sans-OS or with whatever distro they partner with but
> I can buy it knowing that I can install whichever distro I like with
> zero problems. cheers  marty

Sounds sensible. Why not tell Dell directly. It appears they're listening:

"Your feedback on Dell IdeaStorm has been astounding.  Thank you! We hear 
your requests for desktops and notebooks with Linux.  We’re crafting 
product offerings in response, but we’d like a little more direct 
feedback from you: your preferences, your desires.  We recognize some 
people prefer notebooks over desktops, high-end models over value models, 
your favorite Linux distribution, telephone-based support over community-
based support, and so on.  We can’t offer everything (all systems, all 
distributions, all support options), so we’ve crafted a survey 
(www.dell.com/linuxsurvey) to let you help us prioritize what we should 
deliver for you.  The survey will close on March 23rd ..."

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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