[LINK] Call for comments on review of Internet Industry Spam Code of Practice

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Mar 17 02:55:09 AEDT 2007

Oh yes, doing a great job.  This time last year I had an average of 2500 
SPAM messages in quarantine a week.  Now I have over 5200 a week, an 
increase since all the SPAM legislation world wide kicked in.

Legislaiton and regulations have an opposite affect to the desired.  They 
tell people what they HAVE to do to comply with the regulations and get 
around them, not what they should do to comply with the regulations and not 
be pests!

At 12:22 AM 17/03/2007, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
>The Internet Industry Spam Code of Practice was registered on 16 March
>last year, and it came into force for Australian Internet and email 
>service providers four months later.  The Code is now an important 
>initiative in the front of Australia's battle against spam, and may be 
>downloaded here:
>The Spam Virtual Taskforce of the Internet Industry Association (IIA),
>which includes representation from the Western Australian Internet
>Association (WAIA) and South Australian Internet Association (SAIA), are
>now reviewing this Code following its first year since registration.
>Comments on the operation of the Code during its first year are being
>sought not only from within the Internet industry, but from all other
>stakeholders including those from the non-profit sector, government, the
>private sector, and most importantly the community of Internet users.

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