[LINK] ISP's thrown $20 million bone by DCITA

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Sat Mar 17 13:13:32 AEDT 2007

You know what I find amazing about all of this.

Now that I have two children at very high comprehension levels and now both 
using the Internet daily as part of their education and life skills, I'm 
failing, as a parent, or as an Internet user, to see where all this "sexual 
explicit" stuff is coming into the picture.

My boys haven't even had a glimps of such material, nor do they search for 
it.  They know about and have a healthy attitude to nudity, they have a 
basic concept and understanding of sex, after all, they have younger 
sisters and have seen each birth.

In the past I've had young teen kids stay with us and use the 
Internet.  Always the curious I observe form a distance.  None have every 
searched for, or even accidentally come across porn or material that would 
be even remotely considered unsuitable.  Although my view on games where 
you blow things up, shoot things and crash things, puts them in the more 
unsuitable than looking at sensual and erotic art, and understanding it.

Lets face it, kids today smashemup, blowemup and killemoff.  In the mind of 
the child this is good, you get points.  But we keep telling them that sex 
and erotica is bad.  Evil.  Horrible.

To me, it seems we've got this all wrong.  The Porn DVD industry sells $36 
BILLION a year in DVD's.  Where as all the Hollywood/Mainstream Ticket 
Sales and DVD's only amounts to $8.8 billion. ($4.2b & $4.6b)

I think I'd rather see people aroused with happy hormones, than aroused 
with anger, death and destructive hormones.

Anyway, that aside, I'm yet to see any of my children "happen" across 
porn.  We have no filters here.  Not interested.  The best filter is the 
BRAIN filter.  If we start using technology to decide what is right and 
wrong for us, then we are hypocritical in the extreme, whilst we should "No 
Censorship" on one hand and "Gimme filters to protect me" on the other.

Then again, no one said most humans were intelligent.

At 11:00 AM 17/03/2007, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:
>Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>Has anyone else heard that DCITA is pursuing a new filter development 
>>project for something like $80mil? I heard that at a conference this 
>>week. And that AIIA isn't happy about it because of all the effort that 
>>has already been put into the certification of filter systems already. 
>>It's rumoured to be a 'from scratch' build, too.
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>17 March 2007

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