[LINK] SMH: 'Backlash fear sparks ID card rethink'

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Sat Mar 17 13:04:13 AEDT 2007

Ahhh that's what they are doing in Indonesia.   They want to reduce the 
severity of crimes requiring death penalty and now validate less 
destructive means of actioning the death.

At 10:00 AM 17/03/2007, Robert Hart wrote:
>Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>>Organ Donation is also explored in "We can be Heroes" at:
>>and ofcourse there was the Kerry Packer/Helicopter Pilot relationship
>For those with an interest in SF, Larry Niven's stories about 'harvesting' 
>body parts from condemned criminals sprang immediately to mind when I read 
>the original post. Many of the stories feature a policeman ('Gil the Arm') 
>fighting organleggers - criminals who capture, kill and then offer for 
>resale body parts, but the most chilling aspect is the ratcheting up of 
>crimes that warrant the death penalty so as to increase the available body 
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