[LINK] Govt agrees to delay smart card legislation

Robert Hart hartr at interweft.com.au
Sun Mar 18 12:05:41 AEDT 2007

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> At 08:02 AM 16/03/2007, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>> I assume that means that the tendering process is now at least on 
>> hold, if not moot.
>> I just wonder if this is the start of the cop out that the government 
>> might be looking for.
> PIAC has flagged that now the process is completely bass-ackwards. I 
> wonder who one contacts as a taxpayer to complain about this fiasco. 
> Is there an ombudsman for general stupidity of the government?
Yes - it's us every three years or so.

Mind you, despite recent heartening polls I'm still not putting it past 
the current bunch of slime balls to pull something out of the hat to 
help confuse and frighten the masses into giving Howard /et al/ yet 
another stay of execution.

What's the chances of Tampa 2 or Children Overboard 2 anyone?

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