[LINK] Angry ISPs descend on Canberra (BBC/ABG)

Skeeve Stevens skeeve at skeeve.org
Tue Mar 20 11:14:27 AEDT 2007

While it is good that the ISP's have come together to try and make something
happen with the government, I can't help visualise a little bus full of ISP
people driving around Canberra knocking on doors asking if someone could
please speak to them and hear their case.

I mean, I know someone in the department of housing if they wanna talk to
him.... Perhaps stop by the German embassy ;-)

Perhaps they could get placards and maybe someone could come get footage of
them protesting DCITA's front door?  Give them something to do at least!


Angry ISPs descend on Canberra
Andrew Colley
MARCH 20, 2007 	
A GROUP of 20 internet companies will visit Canberra today in a bid to
recoup millions of dollars invested in wireless broadband infrastructure.

The service providers have enrolled for grants from the federal Government's
rural broadband subsidy scheme to support the investments, but they're
concerned that changes to the program, announced last week, will leave them
out of pocket. 

John Lindsay, carrier relations manager with Adelaide-based Internode, said
the group would be speaking to "anyone in Canberra who will give them an
audience", after a request to speak to officials from the Department of
Communications was refused. 

"So far we've been knocked back," Mr Lindsay said. "When push comes to shove
I'm not sure that it will remain that way." 

The Broadband Connect program was designed to give ISPs a business case to
operate broadband services in commercially unsustainable regional and remote

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