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At 05:09 AM 24/03/2007, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>Rick Welykochy wrote:
>>Here is a new phishing scam: ATO taxt refund.
>>I looked for an email contact for the ATO on their website - there is
>>none I could find. Just phone, snail mail, or in person contact.
>>The scam is here: http://tinyurl.com/2xrqgt

I got two copies of this one. Looked at the full heading and it was 
obviously not from the government.

If anyone does follow up with AHTCC and gets anywhere, I'd like to 
hear about it. I was at a consumer congress last week where a chart 
of agencies taking reports of scams was put up on the screen by the 
AHTCC speaker: SIXTEEN! They have no clue how to deal with this 
problem, 'they' being the various agencies and govt offices. The only 
advice I was able to find was to delete the message. And even though 
each speaker 'complained' that they weren't getting enough reports of 
things happening so they could 'deal' with them, 'they' all made it 
so difficult to communicate with 'them', I thought them insincere in 
that complaint.

When I tried to raise the first money laundering 'muling' email I 
encountered, I gave up after a few hours of trying to report it to 
anyone AUSCert was the only group who appeared to have any interest whatsoever.

BTW, AHTCC just says call your local police. Yeah, right. I can't 
even get them to come out to a real crime!

Another group to look up is Scamwatch from ACCC et al. 


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