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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sun Mar 25 22:03:27 AEST 2007

At 02:38 PM 25/03/2007, Roger Clarke writes:

> At 14:45 +1000 25/3/07, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>> I doubt video lifelines would have any effect without
>> the humane concern.
> Very much agreed, but there's another issue.

A "Lifeline" service (similar to existing volunteer phone-services
except video as well) is being suggested. One expects humane
concerns are a natural, intrinsic component of all such services.

> counselling services would need to be text-only, or voice-only
> .. video would stultify the relationship rather than opening it out

As a well experienced and qualified psych counsellor visual cues
are often 'extremely' helpful in picking up underlying issues. Much
human communication is non-verbal. To suggest that text-only or
voiceonly counselling is clinically superior is uninformed nonsense.

> (Internet video comms, for eg, Yahoo IM, whatever) would create
> security issues that both sides, but especially counsellors can well
> do without. Even in this era of mass, lemming-like self-exposure, I
> still think the same.

Roger .. what is more insecure regarding modern video-conferencing
than any other Internet communications application? With respect the
arguments against video-lifeline-services presented here seem to me
to lack your usual intellectual rigor and may needlessly hinder initiative
in this direction. A Lifeline service with both phone or net-video seems
inevitable to me. Why not sooner rather than later? Lives are at stake.

Cheers, people
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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