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At 12:03 +0000 25/3/07, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>Roger .. what is more insecure regarding modern video-conferencing
>than any other Internet communications application? With respect the
>arguments against video-lifeline-services presented here seem to me
>to lack your usual intellectual rigor and may needlessly hinder initiative
>in this direction. A Lifeline service with both phone or net-video seems
>inevitable to me. Why not sooner rather than later? Lives are at stake.

The counsellor and counsellee need to both feel secure in the situation.

Why does a person choose online rather than real-world counselling?

In many cases, it may be because the counsellee is at least hesitant 
to expose themselves, and may be very nervous about it.  If that's 
the case, a text-only or voice-only contact can be much more 
attractive.  (But Jan put it far better than I did).

If it's because of physical remoteness, i.e. the infeasibility of a 
real-word meeting, then granted - visuals may be no barrier.

My words "counselling services would need to be text-only, or 
voice-only" over-state what I meant to say.  I'm not actively 
opposing the availability of vision, nor the two-sided consensual use 
of it.  I'm expressing doubt about its effectiveness in a lot of 

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