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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
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Standards Australia have signed an agreement with their Chinese 
equivalent,  the Standardization Administration of China 
"Standards Australia and China's peak standards development 
organisation have signed a major international covenant ensuring 
future standards development in each country will not stand in the 
way of free trade...

Under the agreement, Australia and China's peak standards development 
bodies will:
.. Notify each other of the Standards that may cause significant 
influences on the trade between both countries;
.. Exchange national Standards catalogues, information and 
experiences on standardisation;
.. Provide advice on technical regulations;
.. Engage in expert visits and academic exchange;
.. Carry out joint Standards research projects; and
.. Collaborate in dealing with international Standards organisations..."

SA is a non-for-profit Australian company, while SAC is an agency of 
the Chinese Government 
<http://www.sac.gov.cn/english/cnorg/index.asp>. They represent their 
respective countries at bodies such as the International Organization 
for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical 
Commission (IEC):
Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China 
(SAC) is authorized by the State Council and under the control of 
AQSIQ to exercise the administrative functions and carry out 
centralized administration for standardization in China. While 
relevant competent administrative departments of the State Council 
shall be assigned the responsibility of managing the work of 
standardization within their respective professional sectors. The 
competent administrative bureaus of standardization in the provinces, 
autonomous regions, municipalities, cities and counties shall execute 
unified administration of the work of standardization in their 
respective administrative regions. The provinces, autonomous regions, 
municipalities, cites and counties are also setting standardization 
departments in their governments. The SAC execute business 
administration of those province-level bureaus of technical 
supervision and execute directive administration in the system of 
under province-level bureau of technical supervision.

ps: I represent the Australian Computer Society on the SA Council.

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