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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Tue Mar 27 10:48:51 AEST 2007

Stephen Loosley wrote:

> (Btw, having said suicide counselling is one of the hardest activities one can
> undertake, being currently knee-deep in trying to configure this notebook to be
> multi-homing, that is, able to use two ISP feeds at once, personally I would add
> computers to that. Since XP, the best Microsoft can offer is regedit hacks which
> allow one ISP, or the other, but not two ISPs simultaneously. Ahh well, we'll see).

After Windows madness, I appreciate the way multiple network configurations are
handled in Mac OS X.

Each config is independent of the next.

Each can be configured to use any of the network interfaces available,
i.e. be it Airport (wireless), Ethernet, Firewire, modem, etc. VPN is
also seamlessly included in the same configuration interface.

A network config can be created using a wizard if you are lost.

Configuration does *not* involve hacks, i.e. there is no "registry" in Mac
OS X. There is a convoluted XML-based plist scheme that I loath, but it is
thankfully quite hidden from the user. At least Apple repeated the wisdom
of the Unix Ancients by creating individual text-based files for configuring
the system instead of one giant database file that can easily be hacked
and corrupted, viz. the Windows "save registry / restore registry" apology.

Switching network configs on Mac OS X is child's play once setup is complete.

Click on "Apple" menu > Location > configname. Very handy on Mac lappies.


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