[LINK] Link's Influence

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Tue Mar 27 23:08:11 AEST 2007

At 12:11 AM 27/03/2007, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
>At 12:10 AM 26/03/2007, stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> > I'd also guess what we say here will have nil effect ..
>Actually, I don't believe that.

Here here!  I agree.  I've had personal experience from Links influence in 
many aspects of my life.

I've also seen quoted material in the media.  Media regularly approach me 
on topics discussed in Link.  And I constantly find really cool, unusual 
and interesting things (Yes Jan - the telemarketing video is gaining wider 
circulation!) to discuss with people.

I also point people who think they know everything about everything to link 
to realise they know nothing about anything.

>Though I guess one will never really know, I'm wondering if Linkers have
>noticed this wider dissemination effect, and what, if anything, should be
>done about it? I'd guess it's a good thing, but one would like it if Link
>were to receive due recognition if it is true. Any Link thoughts re this?

Pat yourself on the back.

Recognition isn't needed.  We are part of a community, that is part of a 
wider community that is part of segregated communities.  What we share and 
learn from each other is recognition enough.

Is Pandora archiving the Link Archives?

If not - WHY NOT!

Thought that's would be an obvious one!

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