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Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Wed Mar 28 18:25:01 AEST 2007

At 05:46 PM 28/03/2007, Rick Welykochy wrote:
>Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>I had a weird experience with my wireless laptop at a friend's house. My 
>>email is set to search and download every five minutes most of the time. 
>>My laptop was sitting on her table and it started beeping that I had 
>>mail. It evidently found an open wifi modem somewhere in the 
>>neighbourhood (she has dialup). It only worked for a little while, 
>>though. The owner must have noticed and either locked it down. It was 
>>still active, but wouldn't allow any more traffic to me.
>>I think it's a wireless thing, not a Mac or PC thing.

It's really cool :)  Sometimes.  I have a hardware switch on my laptop.  I 
turn the wireless OFF when I'm not using it, at home or about.  When I go 
mobile, I turn it on.  I rarely have BT and WIFI running together.

>I think it is a convenience thing implemented in the OS. Imagine if you
>had to manually scan for and connect to a wireless station each time
>you changed locations. Inconvenient.

It can be a pain.  I don't use Windows wireless manager.  I use the Intel 
Pro software that suites my internal card and the Odessey software that 
suites my UDS fob.

I have Odessy set to always scan and tell me about networks, whereas I have 
the Intel (internal) WIFI set to only connect to my Wifi in my office, or 
any  other approved profile.

>That said, I have been working with a client who runs a Win/XP laptop.
>When she drops by my place for a meeting and does not connect to my
>wireless, Winblows keeps nagging every few minutes to connect. I find
>it very distracting while trying to get something done on the laptop.
>But, I suppose that is Windows "convenience".


>I wonder if there is a way to turn off Windows' constant nagging, e.g.
>"There are unused icons on your desktop", "I have found a wireless
>network", "I have updates for you to install" and so on.

I have turned all updates off as well.  Except Firefox, which doesn't nag 
as much. (But has been the last week!)

I'd suggest using the hardware specific software for Wifi, rather than the 
windows.  I'm still sure you can turn the windows software to stop 
searching.  I know my friend when she comes over doesn't get nagged.

>I prefer the Mac OS X approach. Update notification once per week
>(the period is selectable).

I have them turned off too :)  I like to CONTROL my updates :)

>Wireless nets just appear in the Airport
>menu and you can pick one if you want. Mac OS X does not nag :)

Nor does Linux!  Although someone wrote a widget for OSX and for Linux that 
will NAG if you want it to, but it naggs friendly with a little pop up 
window that doesn't get in your way.

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