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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Mar 28 21:42:15 AEST 2007

George Bray wrote:

> I've got another set of test streams available, and if you've got a
> few minutes I'd appreciate some feedback on their quality and their
> ability to maintain smooth playing.
>       http://uctv.canberra.edu.au/tv-tests

The video quality is excellent ... looks like DTV as received by
my Topfield PVR.

The download rate was too slow and resulted in choppy intermittent video.
My tests were conducted just now around 20070328 21:20:00

I am on ADSL2 running up to 10 Mb/s. About an hour ago I downloaded
the latest Apple Mac OS X system update at about 6 Mb/s, so I think
my connection speed and bandwidth availablity are fine.

Here are my results.

VV Test 1,2,3 download graphs:

Note that the maximum download speed is show at the
top right of the graph, e.g. about 150 KB/s (1.5 Mb/s)

Compare to a similar graph for a download from the AARNET mirror:

It is peak time in the evening so perhaps my ISP or you and
AARNET are both overloaded right now. Hard to tell. But the AARNET
download was consistently faster, as can be seen by comparing
the graphs.

The quality was fine:

screencap3 demonstrates the problem of a choppy download: clipping :(

If you wish I could repeat the test at an off-peak time.


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