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At 14:52 +1000 28/3/07, Antony Barry wrote:
>Eric Wainwright ...
>Kerry Webb ...

While acknowledging and dipping me lid to all the librarians involved 
in launching link, I'm also interested in the speed with which it 
became a broader community.

Do you have any archives of the subscriber-list from them early days, Tony?

I think I got on board in the early days, probably because I dropped 
into your office at the right time.  The first posting of my own I 
can see is on 13 Jan 1994.

I well recall that Tom Worthington was already active when I turned 
up - the significance being that neither Tom nor I were directly in 
the librarianship fold.

Incidentally, the official archive at:
starts only in late Feb 1995.

My personal email archives contain a couple of hundred emails that 
appear (based on search and sampling) to be link postings, and that 
date from late Feb 1995 back 15 months to 7 Dec 1993.  Shouldn't they 
be in there too?

A copy of the oldest one I have is below - which is a memento in its own right.

>Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1993 16:41:11 +1100
>From: Geoff Huston <G.Huston at aarnet.edu.au>
>To: link at wombat.anu.edu.au, e.wainwright at nla.gov.au
>Subject: Re: National Networked Applications Strategy
>Cc: tony at info.anu.edu.au
>Thanks for your note
>>1.     Public access to electronic information/community networking
>>        - At national level
>>                - Get selected journalists informed and fed with Internet
>>                  materials/stories
>evidently the Internet is a cover story in this week's Time magazine!

It wasn't on the cover (that was Fidel Castro), and the link to the 
article is broken, but there was one:

First Nation in Cyberspace
Dec. 6, 1993 | By Philip Elmer-DeWitt
Twenty million strong and adding a million new users a month, the 
Internet is suddenly the place to be
2120 words

Mirrored here:

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