[LINK] Streaming TV Tests

George Bray georgebray at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 18:48:29 AEST 2007

Thanks everyone, these results are very valuable.  I'll follow up on
the issues mentioned.

My first port of call is to investigate the bandwidth available to the
server. It's possible there's a squeeze in our campus network
somewhere. Next, performance comparisons using the Quicktime browser
plugin with and without the windows firewall running. (I suspect
there's considerable CPU work for a typical machine to both decode an
H.264 stream and pump it through a software firewall).

FWIW, the server in question is tv.canberra.edu.au on

A direct link to an RTSP stream is


I don't have an ubuntu machine handy, but opening that link in VLC
0.8.6 should decode the H.264.

A question for those who know ISP architectures:  Is UDP generally
available through carrier/ISP networks all the way down to end users?

mucho thanko,


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