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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Fri Mar 30 01:36:41 AEST 2007

At 05:55 PM 29/03/2007, Tony, Roger and Geoff write:

>>>>> Public access to electronic information/community networking
>>>>> selected journalists informed and fed with net materials/stories
>> ...   <snipped>
>> However, of real value as far as I can see, the folk on this list  
>> have been more fearless at times for calling issues in an honest 
>> and forthright manner than anyone else has been prepared to!  If  
>> that form of direct honesty is "influential" then that's all thebetter!

If we believe Link has social value (and obviously we contributors do)
and that it's an important local mechanism for change, then obviously
we should logically wish to extend its reach, in an appropriate manner.

Secondly if we believe that journalists and politicians, and so Australia,
will benefit from knowledge of Link email discussions, then logically we
might need to ensure that these people, in particular, are aware of Link.

Hence one suggests a warm and sincere email invitation is devised for
wide dissemination amongst just such a target membership.  A friendly
and informative personal invitation to join pointing out the many benefits
to all concerned of Link membership does seem appropriate and timely.

We all know a 'personal' invitation to join a group is often seen as quite
an honour, and from Link's point of view, such added expertise can only
benefit existing members.  It may be said we have a social duty to build
an appropriate membership, if we believe we benefit Australia. And, it is
probable that 'many' potentially valuable members are not aware of Link.

Thus a simple two/three paragraph membership invitation sent to every
sitting Member, and the major journalists and editors does make sense
to this subscriber anyway. A brief, timely, and certainly very appropriate
email invitation to Link would cost nothing and may well assist everyone.

Warm regards,
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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