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Fri Mar 30 09:18:39 AEST 2007

Karl Auer wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-03-29 at 20:22 +1000, grove at zeta.org.au wrote:
>>It is "faster", but it's not "Faster". I want "FASTER!".
> There are only three speeds in computing. They are "too slow", "fast
> enough" and "I don't know how fast it is".

Sometime ago, I was told the story of the Slow Hotel Lift.

The Hotel management brought in engineers who tested and analysed the 
lifts  and concluded these were  the
fastest lift in the world.

The guests still complained.

So the hotel turned to De Bono (from memory). He analysed the situation 
and suggested they put mirrors in.....

This works, putting a news/educational snippet up while "slow" software 
was loading - resulted in complaints that the system was now too fast.

With the Digitisation of TV and recording devices widely used - there
should be enough spectrum to broadcast Video for on demand playback.

It seems even live radio is a thing of the past as people select the
programs/educational material they want to listen to/watch and download
them to their I-pod.

> In this country, we've never even made it to "fast enough" :-(
> Regards, K.
> PS: There are also only three numbers in computing - they are zero, one
> and more than one :-)

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