[LINK] Privacy groups pitch "don't track me" ad server blacklist

Eric Scheid eric.scheid at ironclad.net.au
Thu Nov 1 12:41:06 AEDT 2007

On 1/11/07 12:26 PM, "Roger Clarke" <Roger.Clarke at xamax.com.au> wrote:

> Although it has the virtue of simplicity, implementing the
> plan does pose some practical challenges since it requires browser
> updates or new plug-ins.

strike one.

> The Do 
> Not Track List also must be activated from every computer that a
> person uses in order to be most effective.

strike two

> all domain names that are mapped to behavioral advertising servers.
> All US advertisers would be required to submit domains to this list,

strike three ... does a mom & pop single domain website that doesn't
advertise anywhere but uses cookies to track return visit rates and in-site
click trails get a pass? What if they then on-sell their web stats?

it would probably be much simpler to maintain a user managed white-list of
sites where cookies matter to them .. persistent logins, activity histories,
etc .. and block cookies for everywhere else.


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