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Howard Lowndes wrote:
> Some points:
> 1. Why do they have to be in .XLS format?  TG OpenOffice has no problem.
> 2. AU is amongst the most expensive.
> 3. Connectivity figures indicate 18% on DSL and only 0.9% on Other 
> (assumedly dial up, as it's not otherwise mentioned)
"Other" means "other broadband". Dialup is not in this table - it's 
broadband only.

"Most expensive" is really difficult to measure with any reliability. On 
the "per megabit per second per month" measure our lowest price is 
fifth-cheapest (see "Range of prices per Mbps"). On raw subscription 
price we're apparently expensive.

But: both of these measures refer to the subscriptions sampled by the 
OECD - I don't know exactly what list of providers the OECD uses. What 
this doesn't do - in fact, what would be almost impossible to do as far 
as I can imagine! - is to say "how many users are subscribed to each of 
the different plan types we survey". So if there's (say) an $80 per 
month plan, we don't know if it has 20,000 subscribers or 200,000 
subscribers - and therefore we don't know exactly the average "price 
paid" in the broadband market.

(This is not, by the way, a criticism of the OECD per se, just pointing 
out the difficulty of comparing cost of BB).

Moreover, an exchange rate comparison doesn't measure the price of 
broadband against the consumer's spending power (for example, as a 
proportion of disposable income).

> Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>  OECD broadband portal
>> This new portal provides access to a range of broadband-related 
>> statistics gathered by the OECD. Policy makers must examine a range 
>> of indicators which reflect the status of individual broadband 
>> markets in the OECD. The OECD has indentified five main categories 
>> which are important for assessing broadband markets.  Posted 07-11-2007
>> http://www.oecd.org/document/54/0,3343,en_2649_33703_38690102_1_1_1_1,00.html 
>> [found on Creative Economy: http://www.creative.org.au/ ]
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