[LINK] Ten Practical Online Steps for Government Support of Democracy

Steven Clift slc at publicus.net
Mon Nov 12 23:37:40 AEDT 2007

I recently publish a short article on government, the Internet, and 
democracy as part of an excellent 47 page collection to be published 
online shortly by the U.S. federal government.

For the short and long versions, a link to the General Service 
Administration's newsletters, or to be notified via DoWire.Org about the 
GSA's online release of the full collection, see:


Linker's - Keep me updated on Australian examples that check off some 
these steps: clift at publicus.net

In summary:

Ten Practical Online Steps for Government Support of Democracy

1. Timely, personalized access to information that matters.

2. Help elected officials receive and sort, then better understand and 
respond to e-mail.

3. Dedicate at least 10% of new e-government developments to democracy.

4. Announce all government public meetings on the Internet in a uniform 

5. Allow citizens to look-up all of their elected officials from the 
very local to national in one search.

6. Host online public hearings and dialogues (or “e-consultations” as 
they are known outside the U.S.)

7. Embrace the rule of law by mandating the most democratically 
empowering online services and rights across the whole of government.

8. Promote dissemination through access to raw data from decision-making 
information systems.

9. Fund Open Source sharing internationally across e-government.

10. Local up – Develop a strategic approach to building local democracy 

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