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>  http://nytimes.com/2007/11/04/technology/04jammer.html?ex=1210050000
>"She was using the word 'like' all the time. She sounded like a 
>Valley Girl," said the architect, Andrew, who declined to give his 
>last name because what he did next was illegal.
>Andrew reached into his shirt pocket and pushed a button on a black 
>device the size of a cigarette pack. It sent out a powerful radio 
>signal that cut off the chatterer's cellphone transmission - and any 
>others in a 30-foot radius.
>"She kept talking into her phone for about 30 seconds before she 
>realized there was no one listening on the other end," he said. His 
>reaction when he first discovered he could wield such power? "Oh, 
>holy moly! Deliverance."

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