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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Wed Nov 14 14:52:25 AEDT 2007

Eric Scheid wrote:

> Damn anti-social miscreant. He should return to his cave if society scares
> him so much. [1,2]

Scares? No, annoys. Some people are bloody annoying in a gnat kind of
way. They should be summarily dealt with. Loudly gabbing on a mobile phone
within earshot of someone else is akin to standing in front of them
and crapping on and on about nothing at all. Very annoying.

This is why polite mobile users leave the room to talk. They self-isolate
since what they are doing is ironically actually anti-social.

This is amply demonstrated by Clive the Slightly Too Loud Commuter on the
Chaser's War on Everything. The Catherine Tate comedy show did a similar
satire with hilariou results. The conclusions in both cases: major wankage.

> Should be pretty easy to build a jammer detector though, right? And where's
> the cell-phone radiation causes cancer of the puppy crowd when you want
> them? :^P

Walking around with your ear clamped to a mobile phone five hours
a day gives you a much much larger dose of radiation than being
intermittently caught in a jammer blast, say, a few minutes per week.


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