[LINK] Television archival

George Bray georgebray at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 21:38:49 AEDT 2007

Gday all,

Just a note to say I've joined ANU to build such a TV archival system,
although initially the content will not be indexed using the in-air
closed captions. That's the plan for later though.

Longer term, the aim is to make this VVR (virtual video recorder)
deployable at any institution with the right receiving kit, so that
way the content from different areas can be captured, compared, etc.

Mikal, I'm also interested in making sure there's an archive of the
all media flowing past us, but not just of "political" subject matter.
Though, in these days of election promises and short memories, I think
we could all use something that reminded us of their sins past.


VVR Blurbage

VVR is an automated attendant to record your television programmes
while you're not around. Using a web browser you specify which show
should be recorded, and it will not only capture it but also convert
it to a much smaller file so it can be accessed from a streaming
server (both on and off campus with the appropriate authentication).
VVR doesn't send you the entire programme by email, rather it provides
a shortcut that is just like a bookmark for TV.  This shortcut can
show the recorded TV programme right there in compatible email
clients, or be opened in a dedicated media player for more

The power of these shortcuts becomes apparent when you might want to
show a colleague just a snippet of the recording.  You can create your
own shortcut for giving to others, or create an entirely new piece of
media drawing your content from many recorded files. In all these
cases, you're never dealing with large media files so it's quick and
easy to work with television content. Additional VVR tools allow these
shortcuts to be used inside web pages, so the original recordings or
their subsequent compilations can be used with existing learning
content management systems.

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