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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
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Richard Chirgwin wrote on 21/11/07 1:18 PM:
> Anyhow, Tom: there is a more direct measure. Are our elections *now*
> expensive or cheap per-capita? If they're expensive, are they more
> expensive than places already using machines? Is the cost justified
> given other considerations (transparency, participation, distance
> covered for very small electorates, etc)? The "cost of elections" is
> not a simple continuum between two points, with pencil and paper at
> one end and computers at the other ... it's more complex than that.
> RC
Good questions.

The "figure of merit" for elections/voting machines may not be price.
- 'hanging chads' taught us that repeatable recounts are important.
- hackable software showed us we need auditable, verifiable results are
most important.
- In "supervised" elections the stuffing or stealing of vote boxes is an
- At least we get to have elections (vs Pakistan) and don't get killed
for voting (East Timor)

As a CBR voter, I am nonplused by the *wait* for a result here after our
local elections (modified Hare-Clarke with Robson rotation, IIRC)
The local Returning Officer has done well getting the vote counting done
by a computer system.
- Vote counting & results printing: minutes
- Data input & verification: 2 weeks!! [IIRC]

Moving to some sort of electronic vote capture would give us the full
House of Reps *and* Senate results by 9pm.
Might take the fun out of it for some folk :-)
Definitely put the "election night pundits" out of work.

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