EPG Data (was Re: [LINK] Television archival [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Carl Makin carl at xena.IPAustralia.gov.au
Thu Nov 22 10:02:34 AEDT 2007

Hi George,

George Bray wrote:

> 1) Use publicly available XMLTV sources.  The completeness of the data
> is questionable here, but the advantage is you at least get some

You've covered all the EPG sources I know about.  I use the one from the 
OzTivo group which I've found pretty good for the free-to-air channels 
we watch.

> 5) Suck the data (for AU channels) out of the DVB stream, pissing off
> FreeTV Australia because the data would be used in a service where
> users can "skip ads".  I can't think how difficult it would be to
> convince them and the broadcasters that "EPG data should be free!".

I can't see you convincing FreeTV of anything frankly.  Their member's 
business model consists of selling advertisers our eyes and ears so they 
are not going to be responsive to anything that, in their eyes, 
diminishes the number of eyes they can sell.

Tivo have already stated that their 'Australian' Tivo, when introduced, 
won't allow skipping, just fast forwarding (at less than 60x) to comply 
with the terms that FreeTV and the stations are applying to the EPG data.

Although, I must admit, the new situation is better than the previous 
situation where the stations were trying to stop ALL recording of their 
programs and the EPG was non-existent or useless.


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