[LINK] RFI: Accuracy of Geo-Location Based on IP-Address

Adam Todd link at todd.inoz.com
Thu Nov 29 09:37:31 AEDT 2007

At 02:31 PM 28/11/2007, Roger Clarke wrote:
>Following recent discussions, I've become concerned about how 
>IP-Address Look-Up works, and how accurate and how precise it is.
>Inaccuracy and imprecision lead to misunderstandings, and perhaps 
>shortly to erroneous decision-making - with inevitable harm to the 
>less powerful (e.g. consumers, citizens, employees).
>Accuracy and precision bring with them very substantial 
>privacy-invasiveness and the risk of quite frightening power for the 
>State and for corporations.

I have APNIC addresses routed to locations all over the world and all 
over the country.  If you use the IP address and a lookup as a means 
of identifying location you'll be wrong.

I also have IP addresses routed via encryted Tunnels so I might be 
thousands of KM's away from the connection point :)

Like right now, I'm coming via a connection that isn't in Sydney, and 
I'm in the opposite direction from the connection, yet it's my Sydney 
based IP address.

Double the routing, but it's secure, encrypted and no one can track me down :)

Cool huh! 

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