[LINK] Perspective on security! [was: Security efforts hindered by untrained users]

Stephen Wilson swilson at lockstep.com.au
Fri Feb 1 12:26:43 EST 2008

Marghanita da Cruz wrote:

 > I hate the car analogy ... the reality is that the cost of Automobiles
 > hasn't been addressed adequately ...
 > * pollution/climate change,
 > * ineffective overall transport in Australian and American cities in
 >   particular,
 > * Infrastructure costs - Sydney cross Sydney Tunnel,
 > * Medical and care services - Death and Injuries
 > * Personal/Family Costs
 > * Business Costs

The car analogy isn't perfect, but no analogy can or even should be 
perfect.  We liken global warming to what happens in greenhouses, 
without implying that the sky is made of glass.

The comparison between the auto and IT _industries_ is instructive I 
think with regards to introduction of new technologies, supply chains, 
safety reforms, standardisation etc.  Not the standards themselves but 
how to get any good standard adopted.  And the analogy should remind us 
to take a long view.  IT commentators have a shocking tendency to rush 
to judge.  I'm sure the auto industry was riddled with company failures 
for a couple of decades but the underlying technologies proved to be sound.


Steve Wilson.

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