[LINK] Software Tool Strips Windows Vista To Bare Bones

Eleanor Lister eleanor at pacific.net.au
Sun Feb 3 22:18:09 EST 2008

Antony Barry wrote:
> <a href="http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/01/28/1514212&from=rss">
> Preedit writes "A free download that can cut Windows Vista's
> gargantuan footprint by half or more is developing a big following on
> the Internet. vLite is a configuration tool that lets users
> automatically delete a lot of unnecessary Vista components &mdash;
> such as Windows Media Player and MSN installer &mdash; to pare the OS
> down to a reasonable size. The software is catching on. An
> InformationWeek story notes that a forum that asks users to suggest
> new features has drawn nearly 50,000 page views. Meanwhile, Microsoft
> officials have themselves conceded that Vista is "bloated" and are
> developing the next version of Windows on a core called MinWin, which
> is smaller than Vista by an order of magnitude."

let's see if i understand this.

Originally there was a new O/S called Longhorn, that got so unwieldy
that it was cut down, with the press taking the mickey calling it Shorthorn.

This was further trimmed to a product called Vista, still buggy bloatware.

Now it'll be trimmed even further, to become MinWin?

I suggest they take the trimming one step further ;)

Ubuntu Lass,

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