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On 04/02/2008, at 5:10 PM, Michael Still wrote:

> But how does that committee _find_ people to appoint? Is it a simple
> case of reading "who is who", or lobbying? I'm already aware of two
> groups who intend to lobby, and I think the idea of 1,000 lobbyists  
> in a
> room is horrible...

Parliament House is a big place, as Rudd concedes. And he is not  
asking lobbyists to come to town, he is asking for experts - 'the best  
and brightest':

"Okay, look, we have an open mind on this. The reason why today I’ve  
asked Glyn to come to Canberra to announce this with me is to indicate  
very clearly that this panel of ten, committee of ten, which Glyn and  
I will settle together, will have wide ranging discretions to select  
the 100 brightest and best in each of those areas. Each of those ten  
areas. And, for those who do not end up as summit participants, there  
will be a summit website, and everyone across the entire nation, who  
has a submission to make, can make a written submission."

(from the press conference in the PM's Courtyard yesterday)

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