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> February 3rd, 2008
> Fourth cable cut in Mideast
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> On top of the news today that yet another cable has been broken  
> connecting the Mideast to the rest of the world we learn that the  
> first two cables were not cut by ships dragging their anchors.
> According to at least one report an Egyptian ministry examined 24  
> hour surveillance cameras and found:
>     The transport ministry added that footage recorded by onshore  
> video cameras of the location of the cables showed no maritime  
> traffic in the area when the cables were damaged.
> Something mighty strange going on here.


> Cable-cutting in preparation for war - the historical precedent.
> From Page 2 of The Z gram intercept: greatest cryptography coup of  
> World War I
>     At the outset of the war, the Germans had five transatlantic  
> cables that ran through the English Channel. One went to Brest in  
> France, another to Vigo in Spain, one to Tenerife in North Africa  
> and two to New York via the Azores. The English cable ship Telconia  
> cut them all in England's first offensive action in the war. This  
> left a cable that ran between West Africa and Brazil that was  
> largely American-owned that the Germans could use. In short order  
> the allies ended that source of direct cable communications with  
> the overseas world. Consequently, Germany was forced to use their  
> powerful wireless station at Nauen, just a few miles outside  
> Berlin. From this moment, German messages were routinely picked  
> from the air and began pouring into the offices of British Naval  
> Intelligence. In order to capture this flood of information, four  
> new allied listening stations were established along the English  
> coast with direct wires to Admiral Hall's offices. The positive  
> result from this investment could not be overemphasized.

Third undersea cable cut:
> Many readers are reporting that another undersea fiber optic cable  
> has been cut, apparently caused by another wayward anchor. It looks  
> like Iran has completely lost Internet connectivity."

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