[LINK] Fourth cable cut in Mideast

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>> February 3rd, 2008
>> Fourth cable cut in Mideast

There are questions about whether there is a fourth cable cut or whether
it's just reporting of the original three being garbled in translation.

>>     The transport ministry added that footage recorded by onshore video 
>> cameras of the location of the cables showed no maritime traffic in the 
>> area when the cables were damaged.

Cables can stop functioning for any number of reasons. Anchors are a common
one but even sharks chewing them can be to blame!

>> Many readers are reporting that another undersea fiber optic cable has 
>> been cut, apparently caused by another wayward anchor. It looks like Iran 
>> has completely lost Internet connectivity."

This is FUD. A single router in Iran was unreachable.


They've had the best coverage of this situation.



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