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Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Wed Feb 6 13:19:21 EST 2008

Russell Ashdown wrote:
> This trivialises the problem with implementing a system-wide integrated 
> ticketing system over multi modes of transportation.  The problems stem 
> from the many permutations of trips that may be taken by commuters and 
> the need for each commuter to "touch-on" and "touch-off".  It's a fact 
> that such a system as that implemented in Sydney and Melbourne was 
> always doomed to failure, not only because the system itself was flawed, 
> but because it was set-up in such a fashion so as to facilitate 

> Brisbane is currently attempting to implement a "Go-Card" for use on 
> trains buses and ferries.  It suffers not only from the aforementioned 
> problems but also hardware and software failures and also has 
> geographical issues with the integrated GPS when calculating "on-stop" 
> and "off-stop" fares.
> Translink, the Queensland Government organisation which was created to 
> oversee the introduction of "integrated ticketing" and the "Go-Card" in 
> Queensland has been given notice it (Translink) will be shut down.  A 
> new organisation will be created to take its place.  Translink 
> bureaucrats commissioned the "Go-Card" system and have overseen the many 
> delays and false-starts in its implementation.  The Minister of 
> Transport has been embarrassed by statements he has made regarding the 
> roll-out dates of "Go-Card" and (as a result?) Translink have started to 
> roll-out a live system test of the product on a small section of 
> Brisbane's Northern perimeter.
> Here is why Perth is "seeming to work."  Geographically smaller with 
> only a small rail  system (79 train sets) servicing only five lines, a 
> relatively small bus fleet when compared to Australia's larger cities.  
> Basically, the system is able to "cope" due to the smaller number of 
> permutations of trips and fares.

Perth has had a time based ticket system, for as long as I can remember, you can 
use the same ticket to get onto a bus (and presumeably a train and I recall they 
have some ferries) within two hours.

I recently, regularly caught buses in Canberra - the problem there seems to be a 
small population over a huge area. Which by the way is a problem Perth shares.

I live and regularly use public transport in Sydney.  But it is piecemeal. Bear 
in mind that commuter land now stretches to Gosford in the North and the 
National Park in the South - possibly even Wollongong. My guess is that People 
drive all the way into Sydney, or at least drive to train stations.

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