[LINK] Vic transport smartcard to cost $1bn

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Wed Feb 6 13:45:20 EST 2008

On Wed, Feb 06, 2008, Russell Ashdown wrote:

> bus,tram, ferry, etc. must be uploaded, causing even more congestion and 
> network time-outs, not to mention the number crunching that must occur 
> overnight (often with crucial elements of data missing as buses,trams, 
> ferries, etc. fail to upload that days data.)  All this over a WiFi 
> network installed as a single access point in each depot!

Speaking as someone who had a peripheral involvement with the operational
aspects of (parts of) this network, I was constantly amazed at the number
of places which just had, quite frankly, crap wireless network design and
anemic IP backhaul.

In one example, they had the exact wrong antenna type in the exact wrong
place in a large depo, with exact wrong polarity and behind a very large
eucalyptus tree.


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