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On 6/2/08 12:23 PM, "Brendan Scott" <brendansweb at optusnet.com.au> wrote:
> There was once a culture of giving mix tapes of songs to friends.  Does this
> practice (ie giving or conditioning a physical object with content) continue
> at all or has it been overtaken/driven out by p2p?

My 16yo correspondent says:

Mix tapes have been overtaken for sure, but not driven out as such. I used
to swap data discs with 10-20 albums on them with friends (but even that I
don't do anymore). There's definitely not the mix tape culture of
pre-internet days though. Sharing and discovering music is so much easier
with an iPod in real life, and HypeM <http://hypem.com> , Last.fm
<http://last.fm>  and P2P on the internet.

Basically what others have said.



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