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At 04:23 PM 4/02/2008, Sylvano wrote:
>  ... I am interested to hear what others think of this kind of exercise...

By a remarkable coincidence:

                 Linkgram - The Link Institute

                  Link 100 for Australia's 2020 forum

Canberra, 5 February 2008: The Link Institute announced today that it 
will provide 100 on-line ambassadors for the Australia 2020 forum < 
This is part of an effort to put the Australian government's 
processes online and restyle the bureaucracy as the "Blogaucracy".

Professor Klerfell, director of the Link Institute, said that 
pre-event web based forums will solicit ideas for the future of 
Australia. One hundred people equipped with WiFi linked mobile 
workstations will attend each workshop on the day, connecting the 
separate forums to each other and to the Australian population around 
the globe. A projection screen at each forum will display windows 
showing remote participants and useful information.

The Prime Minister has announced that the 2020 forum will be funded 
from MPs salaries: "since it is normally the job of MPs to come up 
with policy ideas for Australia's future, the MPs have decided that 
their pay for the week the forum will be donated to pay for the 
event.  Also referendum to change the constitution to permanently 
down size Parliament and put it online will be held in conjunction 
with the next election 
<http://www.tomw.net.au/twcl97c.htm#parliment>. It would be unfair of 
the Government to ask the Australian working families to shoulder the 
burden of our economic circumstance alone."

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