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I wroteThu, 24 Jan 2008 09:00:27 +1100:
>The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) is holding a free Labeling 
>Workshop for Computers and Monitors, 8 February 2008 in Sydney.  ...

Greetings from the workshop in Sydney (near Macquarie University), 
which is now under the auspices of the Department of Climate Change. 
The new minister, Peter Garratt, is considering making the US energy 
star standards mandatory for computer and monitors sold from October 
2009. There is a Fact Sheet and Technical Report available on the 
proposal. At the workshop are people from the Australian Government, 
Choice magazine, NEC, UNISYS, Australian Seniors Computing Club 
Association, Dell, Apple, HP, LG, and myself from the ACS.

The Minimum Energy Performance Standard would apply to corporate, 
private and government computer purchases. Energy rating labels 
similar to those on consumer appliances would be attached to computers.

The workshop has heard from the consumer's association, the 
government people and the consultants. Later we will hear what the 
computer company people have to say. I will be providing the lunch 
time talk at the workshop and proposing that a new category of "thin 
client" desk top computers of 25 Watts or less be added to the standard.

ps: I managed to get to the workshop on a bus, using a web based travel plan.

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