[LINK] Eee PC demonstration, Sydney, 29 February 2008

Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
Mon Feb 11 15:54:51 EST 2008

I will be giving a demonstration of the Eee PC and talking about what 
effect other such little low cost computers may have on big business, 
in Sydney, 29 February 2008 <http://www.slug.org.au/node/90>:

     Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG)
     Start: 2008-02-29 18:30
     End: 2008-02-29 20:30
     Timezone: Etc/GMT+11
     Location: Atlassian, 173-185 Sussex Street, Sydney

     SLUG's monthly meeting, featuring talks and SLUGlets. Meetings 
are open to the general public, and are free of charge.

     Our meetings take place next to Darling Harbour, near public 
transport and other amenities.

     Our location: Atlassian, 173-185 Sussex Street, Sydney (corner 
of Sussex and Market Street). Entry is via the rear on Slip Street. 
There are stairs going down along the outside of building from Sussex 
St to near the entrance. A map of the area and directions can be found here.

     We start at 18:30 but we ask that people arrive 15 minutes early 
so we can all get into the building and start on time. Please do not 
arrive before 18:00, as it may hinder business activities for our host!

     Appropriate signage and directions will be posted on the building.

     This month's sessions are:

     General Talk
     Tom Worthington: A Watershed for the Networked Organisation

     With trends for carbon neutral, thin client, wireless and open 
source converging to signal a radical change in the use and 
distribution of the desktop personal computer and the desktop phone, 
the CIO is being presented with real challenges for transformation.

     Low power, diskless and low cost advances are creating 
alternatives and opportunities for the organisation to simplify their 
systems. Some of the results from testing those alternatives with 
carbon neutral thin client computers, handheld Linux systems and 
diskless sub notebook computers will be included and discussed in 
this presentation.

     If low power and portable networked systems are set to 
revolutionise the organisation, the CIO needs to be ready.

     Tom Worthington will demonstrate, citing devices such as the 
Zonbu Thin Client Computer and the Asus Eee PC.

     In-Depth Talk
     Matt Palmer: SNMP: 'e's not dead, 'e's just restin'

     What SNMP is, why it's still useful these days, how easy it 
really is to get SNMP stuff working, and a tour of a simple way to 
provide custom data through SNMP.

     Meeting Schedule

     See here for an explanation of the segments.

         * 18:15: Open Doors
         * 18.30: Announcements, News, Introductions
         * 18:45: General Talk
         * 19:30: Intermission
         * 19:45: Split into two groups for:
               o In-Depth Talk
               o SLUGlets
         * 20:30: Dinner

     Dinner is at Golden Harbour Restaurant, in Chinatown. We will be 
having the $24 Banquet. We will be taking numbers during the break to 
confirm the reservation size. If you have any particular dietary 
requirements (e.g. vegetarian), or if you would prefer to order 
separately, let us know beforehand.

     We hope to see you there!"

Tom Worthington FACS HLM tom.worthington at tomw.net.au Ph: 0419 496150
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PO Box 13, Belconnen ACT 2617                      http://www.tomw.net.au/
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, ANU 

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