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Tom Worthington Tom.Worthington at tomw.net.au
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At 12:20 PM 8/02/2008, Howard Lowndes wrote:
>Tom Worthington wrote:
>>... The Minimum Energy Performance Standard would apply to 
>>corporate, private and government computer purchases. Energy rating 
>>labels similar to those on consumer appliances would be attached to computers.
>I wonder how this will impact on "white box" computer builders. ...

The proposal is that if the white box maker uses an efficient power 
supply they will get one star and be permitted to sell the computer. 
The assumption is that an efficient power supply will go a long way 
to making an efficient computer.

"Seven brand name suppliers currently account for circa 72% of 
computer sales and as MEPS apply to all, there must be a mechanism in 
place to ensure compliance in the remaining 28%. Much of this market 
is supplied by 'white box' assemblers using mostly imported 
components. Within this sector, there may well be many 'one off' 
builds, rather than having specific models as per the larger brand 
name suppliers. Testing for compliance of 'one off' white boxes would 
place an unreasonable burden on these manufacturers. The recommended 
solution is to include a 'deem to comply' section in the standard to 
cover the major components that influence energy consumption. For 
example, manufacturers would be required to use internal power 
supplies certified to comply with the proposed standard, use 
motherboards, video cards etc. that are used in compliant computers. 
It is recognised that simply using 'deem to comply' components may 
not produce a MEPS compliant computer, however it is a mechanism to 
improve the energy performance in this broad, difficult to monitor 
sector. This will be explored further in stakeholder discussion 
groups and at the working group level of the Australian/New Zealand 
standards committee. ..."

From: "Analysis of the Potential for Minimum Energy Performance 
Standards for Computers and Monitors", Draft Report bu Richard 
Collins for the Equipment Energy Efficiency Programme,  September 
2007 <http://energyrating.gov.au/library/pubs/200712-computers-monitors.pdf>.

But I guess they could build a toaster into the computer and still 
get a star. ;-)

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