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 From the Australian Institute of Criminology

Australian Business Assessment of Computer User Security project (ABACUS)

To help Australian businesses to improve their security, the 
Australian Institute of Criminology is undertaking a groundbreaking 
study to determine the extent and impact of computer security 
incidents across Australia and to identify effective prevention 
methods and tools. The Australian Business Assessment of Computer 
User Security project (ABACUS) will attempt to contact over 10,000 
businesses during February and March 2008, and the findings of the 
study will enable business and government to better fight crime in an 
increasingly computerised work environment.

information about ABACUS

Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce survey 2008

The Australian Institute of Criminology, as one of the 19 government 
departments which comprise the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce, 
invites participation in its 2008 survey. It should only take you a 
few minutes to complete the survey. The Taskforce would like to know 
about any scams that you have received and how you have responded to 
them. Gathering this information will help to improve the prevention, 
detection, investigation, and prosecution of scam offenders.

information and survey form

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