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Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 12:21 +1100 13/2/08, Brendan Scott wrote:
>> Listening to the PM on the radio I found his phraseology odd.  I would 
>> have thought we "are" sorry would be more direct and natural. I recall 
>> reading somewhere that Graham Freudenberg et al have recently been 
>> lamenting the decline of public rhetoric.
> A QC had advised that 'we are sorry' created greater risk of a 
> successful lawsuit for a billion-dollar fund than 'we say sorry'.
> [Oh, alright, I made that up]
> But fancy a *lawyer* missing this subtle point  (:-)}
http://pm.gov.au is having a bad day...their news link returns a 404...and the 
logo at
the top of the page seems to have traces of something at the top!

but there are quotes at

> Unqualified apology
> Mr Rudd also offered his 'unqualified apology' to the stolen generation in his speech.
> "As prime minister of Australia, I am sorry.
> "On behalf of the government of Austrlaia, I am sorry.
> "On behalf of the parliament of Australia, I am sorry.
> "I offer you this apology without qualification."


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