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Wed Feb 13 14:13:43 EST 2008

Any information, or opinion, re this 'Mindflite Exchange' startup?

The Mindflite Exchange


   287 members from 48 countries,
   12 companies from 4 countries,
   35 offers,
   11 visits today,
   50 posts today 

MF/X is an exciting hybrid between a meeting place for traders for
unlisted shares and an online social network or so called community
focusing on pre-IPO investments in small businesses and startups. 

By combining a number of mechanisms from social networks such as LinkedIn,
Xing, A Small World and other similar business oriented communities with
the functionality of an exchange and adding a number of financial tools,
we create a market place where growing companies can aquire capital, find
new partners and keep their shareholders updated and engaged in their daily

MF/X allows small private investors to work together and take positions in
exciting ventures in a whole new way.

Higher risks always come with the territory when dealing with unlisted
shares but in return the yield is often significantly higher. Balanced
correctly, an investor can create a very powerful and agressive portfolio
where a number of companies move up to public exchanges as the business
grows ..."


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