[LINK] Rudd Gov considers 3-strike policy against illegal song downloaders

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Rick and Richard,

The funny thing is, I was thinking of throwing in a comment about Free 
Trade Agreements. It seems to me that under "harmonisation" principles 
in FTAs, the RIAA's internationale only needs to succeed in a couple of 
key non-US territories, and it will become a treaty issue all over.

Richard C

Rick Welykochy wrote:
> Richard Archer wrote:
>> Vote for me and I'll sort the bastards out! I wouldn't last
>> more than one term, but by God it would be a magnificent one!
>> I'd start by recycling the Free Trade Agreement and all it's
>> IP protections and associated exploitations into toilet paper
>> for Parliament House.
> Has there been a demonstrable benefit to Australia since it has
> joined Free Trade with Merka?
> There would have to be a flow of financial and other benefits
> in each direction. My guess is the Yanks have got us over
> a barrel, and the balance is in their favour. I have seen
> no evidence that the arrangement is a win-win. This is supported
> by the North American equivalent arrangement.
> The Yanks have even managed to secure the extradition of
> one of our citizens to stand trial in Delaware for copyright
> infringement.
> cheers
> rickw
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