[LINK] Senate Standing Committee: NetAlert/Mandatory filtering updates

Michael Meloni mike at somebodythinkofthechildren.com
Mon Feb 18 21:42:20 EST 2008

Here's a couple of noteworthy bits from 8:30 onwards in regards to 
NetAlert and the mandatory ISP filtering plan:


Senate Standing Committee update 1: Senator Conroy at 8:30PM (ACT Local 
Time) confirmed he is committed to introducing mandatory filtering at an 
ISP level. ISP filtering trials in Tasmania will end before June 30th 
and a ‘live trial’ will follow.

Senate Standing Committee update 2: 8:48PM ACMA says they are looking to 
expand black list. Liaising with International groups.Current sites 
listed on the trial will only need to block the current ACMA blacklist - 
just 800 URLs. Expected final black list numbers unable to be answered. 
Question on notice.

Senate Standing Committee update 3: 8:52PM Question asked (Sen 
Birmingham): What current technology is used around the world to block 
large lists of URLs? ACMA Response: A black list not the only technique 
that could be used. Human intervention also an option. BT clean feed 
given as example (with estimated 1500 URLs on their lists but admit 
those URLs change.)

Senate Standing Committee update 4: 8:53PM Question asked (Sen 
Birmingham): Is current ACMA list still be expanded upon? ACMA Response: 
Yes, it’s updated weekly.


The most impoartant part I found was that the trial will only need to 
block the current ACMA blacklist - just 800 URLs. As Senator Birmingham 
remarked, that number doesn't really match the grand plans Mr Conroy's 
department has for blocking a large amount of illegal and X rated content.


- Michael


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