[LINK] Senate Standing Committee: NetAlert/Mandatory filtering updates

Michael Meloni mike at somebodythinkofthechildren.com
Mon Feb 18 23:07:26 EST 2008

A few more updates since they came back from their tea break:


Senate Standing Committee update 5: 9:53PM NetAlert now officially on 
the agenda.

Senate Standing Committee update 6: 10:19PM NetAlert advertising funds 
under previous Gov discussed.

Senate Standing Committee update 7: 10:22PM Conroy says 1.4 million 
families were expected to download the filter, but many less actually 
did. Estimated end usage according to Conroy is just 30,000 - despite a 
$22 million advertise campaign. Why not use extra advertising money to 
advertise the filter campaign is asked.

Senate Standing Committee update 8: 10:24PM Conroy says Howard gov 
filtering plan a waste of 84 million dollars. Has not worked.

Senate Standing Committee update 9: Female Senator asks are NetAlert 
software filters too hard to install? Response is that instructions are 
provided and people are trying more than one filter. Filters were 
installed but ongoing use decreased.

Senate Standing Committee update 10: Female Senator asks how many calls 
have been made to ACMA call centre? Response is 20 to 40 calls per day, 
7 days a week. How many questions to call centre relate to installing 
the product? Answer unknown. Also unknown how many people are working at 
the call centre.


As expected, Conroy's POV is that the number of NetAlert filters in use 
represents a failure. I see it as representing a good percentage of 
Australia's lack of desire or need for a filtered Internet connection 
and not a means for introducing mandatory ISP filtering.

- Mike


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