[LINK] Open USENET servers?

grove at zeta.org.au grove at zeta.org.au
Tue Feb 19 13:31:48 EST 2008

Pathetic Internet decided to close down it's USENET news servers
based on the concept that anyone who reads USENET these days is 
either a spammer, a paedophile or a dinosaur.   I am pretty sure
I am none of the above, but I do like my newsfeed.

Since I do not fit their business model I need a new newsfeed
for the 40 or so groups I like to read, such as rec.pets.cats 
and alt.sysadmin.recovery.

But I am having trouble finding such a feed.   Does anyone know 
where there is a free one, especially in Australia?

I would prefer a free one, of course and I don't eat much.
Any suggestions would be terrific....


Rachel Polanskis                 Kingswood, Greater Western Sydney, Australia
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