[LINK] Any Linkers attending IIA dinner Feb 21?

Michael Meloni mike at somebodythinkofthechildren.com
Tue Feb 19 15:12:30 EST 2008

Glen Turner wrote:
> Ask the Minister's staff if a copy of the speech will
> be available from the Minister's office. They usually
> are.
> The usefulness of people on the ground is to gauge the
> audience's response.  I don't think he'd be stupid
> enough to solicit questions.
Thanks guys, I'll try and find out. I was hoping for some instantaneous 
feedback after the event to see if Conroy revealed new details about the 

"Stephen believes that a healthy democracy needs a vibrant ‘market for 
ideas’and that free expression of a diverse range of views is threatened 
when the ownership of the most influential media is concentrated in the 
hands of just a few proprietors. With the relaxing of the cross media 
ownership laws in Australia, Stephen and the Federal Labor Government 
will be watching closely to see that the market does not restrict the 
ideas, innovation and free speech that are essential to a democratic 
society." - SenatorConroy.com

Michael Meloni

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